WHO are Sister Stones?  

We are three Texas siblings who learned how to source the best materials, stay on top of trends, and create custom collections from our ever-resourceful mom. 

Wife of a Texas farmer, Oma (to her grandkids) has been an example of dedication, honesty, and hard work to us as long as we can remember. Those values form the basis of Sister Stones Jewelry. 

As sisters, we take advantage of every opportunity to come together. We're best of friends who share a love of beautiful, handmade jewelry. We are thrilled to share our enthusiasm with you. 

Karen is an interior designer. Sharleen is an award-winning retired science teacher. Dana is a real estate agent. Twice a year we go to market to find new pieces for our customers. 


Thank you for joining us in our effort to bring you the finest jewelry available.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about collections or pieces. We are happy to talk about jewelry any time!

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